Poem: Yet she smiles

Poem: Yet she smiles

Her dreams crashed on the shore of reality

Her ambitions lay covered in the blanket of misery

Life has stolen a piece from her

And left without saying as much as a word

Time heals wounds but what about dreams

Her scars run deeper than my imagination can explain

She holds a suicidal amount of unreleased pain

But her screams will not be heard

Her giving up has never occurred

Her bravery has slain dragons in ages past

Her courage has pushed forth soldiers fighting for freedom

Her attitude has broken through diabolical spells cast

Its her motivation that allowed the tyranny of oppression to become undone

She stands tall, as life tries to break her down

But with every punch with every pound

She never shows where it hurts

She never complains about her tears

She never breaks the glass of valor

Tales will be spun, for she is what makes it all possible

Everything breaks down in time

But her shattered pieces of dreams are nowhere to be found

She picked them all up and placed them somewhere to never make a sound

For dreams are ambitions that have lost their drive

But she miraculously manages to keep them alive

Shattered, broken, unhinged, damaged to the very core

Unable to walk on clouds no longer able to soar

She is now an angel with clipped wings

A dancer with no ankles, a story with no end

She has been through the darkest of pits

She has wormed through the narrowest of slits

Cut, bruised, beaten … life gave it it’s all

But she is wonderful because through it all

I would have broken down, and yet she smiles

So for that I wanted to say thank you


This is a poem for this one girl who had some setbacks in life, but she took it with so much courage. She handled it with so much grace that it just moved me. And the best thing was that she did it without trying … so I dedicated a poem to her courage. And to the way she handled the bricks life handed her. Poem: Yet she smiles