Poem: Double Standard

Poem: Double Standard

Could it be that honesty met integrity and officially stated that women hate it

That men look at their back, and judge from that if they should approach her

Does logic not occur, doesn’t it make sense that the first sentence of a conversation

Shouldn’t be about the booty, or is it just me

Could it be that men have gotten away with so much shit they could forget

Who runs the planet and everything in it, it isn’t us

Yet we cuss, and act a fool then pass it on to the next generation as if it’s cool

As if ignorance and stupidity is a rule or is it just me

Could it be, that women need to hold their head up, correct their partner if he pushed his luck

Put their middle fingers up, to any media that tries to push skinny as sexy

No disrespect to anybody, but you decide your own sexy

Don’t let anyone or the TV tell you the definition of beauty

A magazine should never decide what’s hot,

Should never undermine the confidence you got

Your self-esteem should never be based on the perception of others

I’m talking to sisters, daughters and mothers

I have seen chase a dream pushed on them by a fake reality

Thanks to the TV and those in charge of it

I’m not claiming innocence but I’m trying to climb above it. As should you

Could it be, that it’s too late to change the state in which we find ourselves

That we look at the screen and see what is in between a woman’s leg as nothing more than dirt

Does it not hurt, that you have to put yourself in a mini skirt to feel good

I don’t want my words to be misunderstood

But if you sell yourself short and don’t even try

You don’t love yourself so why should I

If you let a anyone decide who you are

You will always be a firefly wishing to be a star

You body might lure them in, but your mind is supposed to keep them

And if they cant do you right, then honey leave them

I’m not attacking you I’m attacking society

Cause even I have been caught in the midst of hypocrisy

Its these morals and values they pushed on me

For me there is unlimited pussy

But women have a 5 dick maximum

More than that, men are unable take

That’s more than he can shake off, able of breaking it off

All over past dick, yet she is supposed to accept all your old shit

Now that’s the definition of a hypocrite

Could it be, that the purity of virginity is looked down upon rather than admired,

Maybe I’m just tired, of watching 14 year old shaking their ass

12 year olds with make up in class, or video clips of skinny broads in thongs

These are also the subject of most of these songs

But these become the standards by which kids measure themselves

So who is to blame when they don’t have knowledge of self

Could it be, that this is what’s normal that this is plain, and I’m insane

Or could it be, that people accept what they see, and are unwilling to change their own reality

Is this what you want your child to be

So instead of saying it is what it is, maybe just maybe

You should ask yourself, what it could be


This was my first time on a festival, and my second or third time performing. I liked it, heck I actually loved it. The poem was meant to show a different side, to the usual man and women relationship. So here are my 2 cents, I hope you people like it, and can relate.