Paris Shooting

Paris Shooting

Never make light of life lost

Never ignore justice tossed

Freedom of speech, lost a limb

Further pushing us away from him

Instead its a them, they or those

The sun will cry, as we appoint our foes

Never looking at the individual always their background

Expecting if not anticipating, certain links to be found

A greater group, linked to a God forever  under attack

Media has forced him to have a wall against his back

He is not cornered, he is simply anticipating a knife

Smart, because only fools would get stabbed in the back twice

He is screaming, but his is voice is smothered by the fear

Of the indoctrinated, who hold their news so dear

Their images of violence, their images of pain

Their scapegoats, for a world lost to the western brain

Its easy to lay blame, if the news tells you who to do it to

But its rare to see the news report something that is true

Not lock it into a box, they can market and sell

Not give it the sub context of the world going to hell

Not increase the hatred to one group, one religion

At times its as if spreading hatred is their ambition

But people tend to say, they can only report what is done

But keep in mind that a business will make sure it can remain one

The reason I wanted to do a piece about the Paris Shooting is because once again, they are laying on the Muslim aspect of it pretty thick. I understand that they need to mention it, so that they can get more viewers. And I can even understand that its part of a strategy to ensure that people are aware that there may be more out there, who want to do something similar to the Paris Shooting. But the thing is, with doing that. It seems as if everytime the Paris Shooting comes on the news they are purposely telling people to look at EVERY Muslim as a terrorist.  They are purposely telling people that Muslims are something to fear, and that they arent to be trusted. And I of course respectfully disagree. When a Muslim shoots someone as with the Paris Shooting, the entire religion is to blame. When a black man shoots someone, the entire race is to blame. But when a white person shoots someone, they are a lone wolf, acting alone. The media has always played some slick games, but their tactics have grown a lot bolder over the years. I hope everyone can see that the acts of one does NOT reflect the opinion our thinking methods of all, especially when thinks like the Paris Shooting happens.

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