One and one is two

One and one is two

Writing is a beautiful thing that allows one to see the world in a slightly different way. The strong thing that writing also has is that it gives you the possibility to redefine so-called “facts” to your will. This piece is about trying to restructure the known world that so many of us cling to. It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? At the core of this piece I just wanted to write a piece about how difficult life can get.

One and one is two but that’s not always true.

1+1=2 that is the backbone of the concept of math in my opinion. And that very simple rule often gets applied to other things in life. Couples are two people who want to come together and create 1 life together. But that is an ideal situation that eludes some if not most of us. And now here is the interesting part about this math “problem”.

For some people that 1+1 isn’t enough and they want to have more people included in the equation. And then you get like 1+2 or maybe even 3+1 heck if we are to believe certain movies, it might even be 5+1. In this poem, one and one is two but that’s not always true. I tried to break down the way relationships tend to go against the norm.

Different people have different sources of happiness. Love is a source of happiness that can run amock if left unchecked. Enjoy the beauty of life and all the extravagant things it can bring into your life. Life and simple math never go well together, so do your best to just enjoy all the subtractions and additions that time brings your way.

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