Obsessed With Results

Obsessed With Results

Ok so I have noticed something about myself lately, and that is that i am Obsessed With Results. Now when you read it, it doesnt sound like much of a problem, but it can easily turn into one. Because due to the fact that I am Obsessed With Results, I am constantly focused on getting better results. I am constantly thinking of ways to improve the results I have gotten so far. And I am constantly thinking of ways on how to turn those results into other kinds or results. And that is where the obsession comes into play.

Because now, I am unable to just unwind and use my mind on a strictly creative way. Because my creativity now has to be used to bring forth better results. And t hat is why I am telling you guys that I am Obsessed With Results. Because I know that I can be somewhat creative. But so can everyone else. There is no real value anymore in being creative. So what makes you stand out now, is being able to use that creativity to achieve certain results. And that is what I am trying to do. I dont want to become one of those creative people, who can create some SUPER creative stuff. And just do EXACTLY what they want, when it comes to their art, and their creative process. But still have to work a fulltime job to pay the bills.

I want to be Obsessed With Results, to the point that I can be creative, and at the same time do it FULLTIME so I dont have rely on outside results to maintain the position that I am in. And that is where I see a lot of creative people lose themselves. In the beauty of being “truly artistic” they forget that most of the times that will not bring forth any real results. So I am Obsessed With Results, because I want to be creative while bringing forth results that pay the bills and keep me in a state of being creative. Its at that point that I will be able to relax, and TRULY do what I want. But till that time, I am forced to be Obsessed With Results, as they are the only thing I have right now, to ensure that I dont lose the path of chasing my dreams.

Now there is one more issue, I have with being Obsessed With Results. And that is that I am applying this same level of paranoia to people who arent in the same field as me. For example, I know a few people who want to START chasing their dreams. But they have this vague notion that they can just DO what they want, and it will pick up by itself if its truly meant to be. To me that just seems like utter nonsense, because then you dont concern yourself with ANYTHING other than, with what YOU want to do, and the ever lacking concept of LUCK. And its those people who are NOT Obsessed With Results. They are just obsessed with doing what they want, the way they want, and just assume everything will work out by itself. I often find myself screaming at these people, that they need to be a bit more Obsessed With Results, because then they will see that their methods, dont bring forth any real results, and this isnt going to survive for long. And the sad thing is, they almost ALWAYS dont agree, and then do end up losing their dream. And being stuck in the position they were in before. And that to me is the saddest thing.

I just wanted to vent a little bit, and say that I am lost in results and the search for better ones. But know this as well. Once I do get the results I want … the world will know it as well. And I will make sure to help some people get theirs up as well.

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