My soul has always been old

My soul has always been old

Have you ever had someone tell you “ you have an old soul”? I have on more than one occasion. And that got me thinking as to what that really means. For some, it might mean that you are wise beyond your years. Or you like things that don’t fit your age group. To me, my soul has always been old due to the fact that when I learned about who I am, I was already pretty scarred up.

Life tends to beat you down till you mature. And with me, life was pretty quick to hand out blows to ensure my eyes would see the world for what it is. My soul has been taking hits far before I was old enough to understand self.

My soul has always been old because it dealt with everything I couldn’t.

This poem was based on the concept of “what if your soul was a person inside of you?” And what if that exact same person grew up without any help from anyone but you? So all those lies you told yourself, actually hurt your soul. The acts you did thinking that no one would realize, your soul caught and had to deal with.

Those emotions and memories you repressed in the hope that they would fade away, would sit next to your soul and take their turns beating him. Your soul is going through hell because of your actions.  Aging a lot faster than your simple body and when you actually see your soul for the first time it will reflect all the time it spends in your mind all alone. That’s why when I saw my soul for the first time it was old. My soul has always been old.

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