My love is unaffected by time

My love is unaffected by time

Time … Time has always been one of those things that have fascinated me. Because time allows you to do some great things and it also ruins a lot of great things. If given enough time you can heal most wounds. But I’ve noticed that time also has a tendency to affect love. And that is why I made this piece to tell you that My love is unaffected by time. No matter the seconds or days that pass, if I love you I love you. The only things that can taint my love are your actions outside of time. The issue with this way of thinking is that it seems to be a special way to think or consider time.

I have several people who have come and gone in my life and they all served some kind of purpose or taught me something. Some of these people I’ve come to love or really like, while others are just friends. But either way, regardless of why or what, we are still friends in my eyes. When after a long time I start talking to them again, they often tend to react offended. As if I chose to ignore them for all this time by not talking to them. As if I intentionally decided that talking to them was a no go.

My love is unaffected by time, we have always stayed friends.

There are a few things wrong with that way of thinking, but I’ll save that for another piece. The main point I wanted to make is that even if we don’t talk, we are still friends. Even if I don’t see you for some time, we are still friends. Nothing changes and nothing is forgotten. We are still as cool as we were before we stopped talking. You still have the same privileges you had before and we are still on the same level we were. But it seems that way of thinking is just meant for a few. “My love is unaffected by time” is something only a selected few can say and really mean. So watch this video and hear me say it and explain it.

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