Motivation 101 Keep going

Motivation 101 Keep going

The key phrase for motivation 101 keep going is You can do it. There is this invisible wall keeping you from your dreams. What if I told you that this invisible wall was invisible because it wasn’t there. It was nothing more than your own imagination and the only thing really stopping you is your fear of said wall.

A lot of people let that fear stop them from even verifying if the wall is really there. Never let the fear of a wall you haven’t verified keep you from reaching your goals. Take that first step towards your dream. Then take another after that. Slowly build up your steps till you finally realize that this wall people kept telling you about is nothing more than a myth.

Motivation 101 Keep going because you have to.

And the growth you went through to get this far is something worth more than a simple goal. And if there ever is an obstacle in your way, I promise you that its nothing more than your own shadow telling you that the light is too bright. Or perhaps you realize that the form and shape of your goal aren’t what you want it to be. And the panic from that realization makes you not want to get any closer. Or perhaps you realize that the number of steps you need to take will ask for more than you are willing to sacrifice.

If that is the case … you never wanted it bad enough to begin it. You never really desired it because if your goal is all you ever wanted than nothing is too precious to be left behind. Excuses are for the weak and those who cherish comfort over success.

So keep going and reach that goal you set. This was my class “motivation 101 keep going” now watch the spoken word poetry video to get the full blast of what I’m saying:

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