Have you ever been in a relationship where you feel as if you are in it just for the sake of being in it? The love that you once felt is gone,  and the only thing that is left is to comfort of having someone in your life. People deem that comfort as the only possible way to live life. Because being in a relationship is the “greatest achievement” one can have in their lifetime.

That is the philosophy held by so many cultures and societies that it’s a borderline shared delusion. Not saying that loving someone is a delusion, but the idea of “being in a relationship is the most important thing” is in my eyes indeed somewhat of a delusion. The problem with this delusion is that some people forget that being alone is OK as well.

Sometimes you have to scream MayDay in a relationship.

Being OK with living alone, being capable of enjoying life on your own. Those have become ideas that seem alien to most. Because they have been trained to think that the only way their life will have any kind of value, is by loving someone else and having them love them back. That fear, and need to be a part of something, keep a lot of people in a situation where they shouldn’t be.

Some relationships have turned toxic a long time ago, but the fear of being alone keeps them in place. That is what this spoken word poem MayDay is all about. MayDay is a collaboration based on the song “MayDay by Cam”. We both tried to convey one side of the story to show how complicated relationships and love can get.

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