Magic Number

Magic Number

Everyone has a magic number that they tend to keep to themselves. Because they know that people tend to judge based on that exact same magic number. Sex tends to be a complicated thing for some relationships and might become an even bigger issue if other aspects are taken into consideration. I am a firm believer in that the past is nothing more than the past.

Whatever you have done with regards to sex and being intimate with others has no bearing on what is happening right now. Relationships should be based on what happens after the couple first meet. Because that’s when their history starts. That magic number has no added value to the current state of affairs.

Do you know your Magic Number?

Especially since people tend to bring in their view of what their partner should be. Your partner needs to be as “clean” as “wholesome” as “pure” as you. Or your partner shouldn’t have been so “giving” in her or his past.” It’s so very easy to judge someone past on what they did. But a lot of people tend to forget that the past could have been a very different situation from what it is now.

Some people love to be loved, some people just enjoy being a part of something. Some people need some time to find themselves. With all of those that very simple magic number can increase. Because the future doesn’t matter as much, it’s about solving the “now” making the present a bit more pleasant. But some people don’t look at any of that, because they only see a simple number. I wish it was different.

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