Love Quotes

Love Quotes

My dreams don’t exceed reality anymore. I don’t have to sit there in the dark, under the covers and fantasize about a world, that could never be. Because now, there is you. I’m not diluted enough, to think that you are perfect. And I’m not in love enough to just accept every flaw of yours as a part that makes you perfect. But I do love you. Maybe it’s not the love they talk about in music, and maybe we have never had a kiss as perfect as the movies keep showing me. But that doesn’t mean that the pain in my heart, when you aren’t here is any less magnificent. I’m at a point, where I am happy that I can say that “I miss you”. Because it’s the first time I mean it, and not just saying it because I know you want to hear it.

I don’t even want to tell you I love you, I try to keep those words to myself. Instead I will work and show you, until you come to me and tell ME, that I love you. It’s no longer about me, and what I want. You could call it growing up, but it’s just that I’m not dumb enough to let something as great as you pass me by. I could go online and pick a bunch of love quotes that give you words others created. But they don’t feel how I feel, how could they? They never met you, never held you, never lost themselves in a moment. And I know you have a past, but I don’t care. Because my past has taught me that I need to pick moments to cherish. I have taken for granted so many, because I thought there were many more to come.

So I am sure your past taught you how to be this enchanting. Relationships only last as long as you are willing to fight for them. And I promise you, I burned my towel, I sold my white flag, and I erased the number of that fat lady. I’m all in! At times you are too much to handle, but I still want to hold on. It’s not about what you do for me, it’s about how you make me feel. It’s as if my heart doesn’t feel the need to keep the rage in anymore. I can finally let go, and just be honest with you. I love you, more than I could write.

Your pain isn’t my pain, it’s yours but I’ll do my best to help you through it. I’ll try to make you smile through the tears. Ill wipe them away, and stand by you. I’m not a shoulder to lean on, I’ll be your everything to fall on. There is nothing, not even you hating me, that will make me stop loving you. I don’t want to write a bunch of fantastic sentences, as a poet. I want to write as a man in love with you. Take away everything fancy, and just be honest with you. I hope one day you will understand what you mean to me. I might be a bit selfish, but I do want you all to me.

I wanted to make a piece called Love Quotes, but I didnt just want to write a bunch of poetic lines about how much I loved someone. So I decided to make this piece Love Quotes, about someone or maybe even me being honest. And not using Love Quotes, to show how much I care, but just speaking from the heart. Because people tend to use these Love Quotes, as if these words can be used for replacements for their own. I promise you, that your own words will have a lot more power to them then some Love Quotes found online. I understand that these Love Quotes, can be cute and remind you of someone, but dont let them stop you from using your own words.

If you liked this piece Love Quotes, I am sure you will like some other pieces as well. And the reason this one didnt rhyme, is because I didnt want to restrict my feelings, while writing. I wanted to give them free range for this one time. And I still call it poetry … BECAUSE I CAN!