Life is a blank canvas

Life is a blank canvas

What if life was this beautiful white canvas? One where experiences, pain, love, sadness, anger and everything else paints on it. Which would mean your life is a beautiful painting once it meets its end. And you have the ability to create your own painting because at the end of the day you are in charge of the strokes being placed on this canvas. Well, you’re in charge when you reach a certain age at least. That’s why those first few strokes on your canvas are extremely important.

Life is a blank canvas we all paint on.

Nurture vs Nature if you will. Because of the price of the canvas, the texture, what its made of, the feel of it. Heck, even the easel its placed on, all of those aren’t in your control. The first few strokes can be considered your parents and the situation they reside in. Those strokes or lines affect the final result of your piece to a certain degree. But once you reach that point where life hands you the brush … from that moment on, it’s your painting.

And a lot of people fear that brush because it means that you’re in full control of the outcome. And that scares people, to such a degree that will seek to avoid painting. In the hopes that the brush will move by itself and create a masterpiece without their involvement. It sounds weird I know … but it happens.

This piece “Life is a blank canvas” is a reflection of what I felt life is like. Life is a blank canvas is a concept that I feel is pretty accurate in this day and age. Because so many of us want to be artists and create the best possible painting we can with all of our creativity.

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