Kill him before he reaches it

Kill him before he reaches it

I’ve heard some disturbing news

Here and there I’ve found clues

It keeps me up at night

Something about it just doesn’t feel right

It could be his following

Or what he is saying

But he is slowly taking a position for inspiration

He is slowly becoming a beacon for motivation

It’s stirring up eyesight among those we blinded

Disgusting is what I find it

Just imagine the possibilities

What would happen to our cities

It would be overrun by businesses

Do you see how disturbing this is

The image we crafted and slowly perfected

Maintained and constantly implemented

It could be ruined by one stupid nigger

He should fall victim to a trigger

We can then once again lay the blame

Give the attitude we created some fancy name

And say we will help while pushing them down

Lock them up till there are no more around

These damn animals have no right to the light

We gave them everything they have it’s only right

That they obey silently and without fail

Tell the judge to once again raise bail

We want them locked up, shot up or dancing

Nothing good will come from a nigger thinking

In jail it’s free labor and lawful slavery

Shot up is just a great method to maintain safety

Have them dance, sing, rap with a sick flow

Have them say that’s the only way out the ghetto

Make sure to pimp them out correctly

Give them enough to be happy

Just imagine what would happen if they got smart

It would rip the fabric of society apart

And that is why we can’t afford another leader

But to give the illusion we will assign a speaker

As long as he says the words they can believe in

It’s ok as he wont actually do a damn thing

We need one we can control

One who will do as told

But get rid of this one

I don’t have to tell you how it should be done

Make sure white doesn’t shoot that black coon

No witnesses we don’t want to see a courtroom

But get it done quick and clean

Before these monkeys get a notion of a dream

And dont worry about what the media might say

They are a part of this game that we play

Suppress deny kill nurture repeat

For those in power it’s an easy feat

Kill him before he reaches it is an ode to black leaders. Kill him before he reaches it is a story that tells itself, because it feels like something said by people who can make it happen. Kill him before he reaches it is a plan that has been put in motion more times than we will ever know. And I feel like Tupac was a prime example of “Kill him before he reaches it”. And it will then be the position in which he will inspire people to be more than what they are allotted to be. Tupac would have become a black leader that could inflict change in a way some REAL leaders were about to do, but fell victim to the Kill him before he reaches it concept. Kill him before he reaches it is a sad thing, but in my opinion its a real thing. Because killing black leaders, that arent in the entertainment business is a smart move. Because that shows us that getting out of a certain situation isnt limited to how good you can dance or rap. Kill him before he reaches it is a story that happens too often.

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