Keep writing

Keep writing

Keep writing is about one of those beautiful moments when you aren’t able to write a thing. That ever elusive, that ever painful “Writer’s block”. That one phrase that terrifies writers because it indicates that you will have lost your title of “writer”. The pain of being an artist but being unable to create is without a doubt painful. And a lot of them who suffer from this condition seek help online, on forums and in FB groups and stuff.

But as a writer who luckily never experienced writer’s block, I have but one simple advice. Keep writing, because writing is the only way to escape that situation. Keep writing, it doesn’t matter if any of it makes sense, it doesn’t even matter if it’s coherent because you’re not writing to write a masterpiece. You are writing to break through that wall that came out of nowhere. The only way to break down Writer’s block is to Keep writing.

Keep writing and find yourself.

Drop the pretense of being the “perfect” writer and just write. The beauty of this day and age is that you can write 10 pages within hours and erase it all with just a simple click and do it all again. But you have to do it first.

This spoken word poem Keep writing is also about those who write to release the pain of life. Those who let their emotions flow through their pen and ink away the tear that keeps flowing in their heart. I belong to that group and that is why I have never experienced writer’s block. I have found that special dark place in my soul where I am in touch with myself and have an endless supply of words. And because I have that endless supply I have been writing ever since I have been able to.

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