Just another door

Just another door

He stood in front of this door and not a sound was to be heard. There were no clouds, mist or bright light shining from it. It was just a regular door in the middle of a broken room. The only thing that made this door special, is that he didn’t know how he got to be in front of it. He ran through his memories, but couldn’t find an answer. He simply woke up in a daze, and found himself in an empty room with a door that was cracked open. And yet for some reason, the darkness behind the door seemed thicker than usual. The wind seemed unable to escape its clutch, as if it were a black hole devouring all that came before it. And yet there he stood, looking around a room with no windows, no furniture. Just 4 walls and a single door.

He kept staring at the darkness that slept behind it. As if waiting for an answer to why he was there. He would blame it on his imagination whenever he saw a small oval white spot appear and disappear. Because who would lay in the dark, waiting for him to come, watching his every move for that long. He would watch him so intently, without a valid reason. No, he should wait it out, till his memory returns and he has some indication of what is going on. He kept telling himself that, to dim the fear that now crept into every fiber of his being.


A large voice, seemingly coming from beyond the darkness called out to him. It startled him, a chill ran down his spine, but he knew that whoever that was, an answer to why he was here was now within reach.


“Who I am, is of no concern, just walk through this door and all shall be made clear. Your life shall be judged by you and only you. Decide for yourself, what you deserve. Judge for yourself how tainted your soul is. That is all that awaits you, once you pass through the door.”

His eyes opened up, realizing that if the words he just heard were true, he is dead and this is the gate to heaven … or hell. But that is nonsense, because how could he have died and not know it. How could he just appear here out of nowhere and just accept the fact that this is the gate to the other world.

“Stop playing games with me, WHAT DO YOU WANT!!?”

His scream, was met with a simple reply.


It was a very simple statement, but for some reason he felt compelled to comply. He slowly started walking towards the door, and with each step he relived a key moment in his live. It took all but 7 steps for him to reach the door. The darkness was now laced with a red hue. Realizing what it meant, he wanted to take a step back and try again. But there was no more room to be found. There was nothing to go back to. But knowing full well the hell he was about to enter, he was unable to take the next step. He stood there for awhile, staring into the darkness that was in front of him. A single eye, looked back at him. Until finally he turned around, and sat down on the small piece of ground he had left. And that is when he saw his surroundings. Thousands, if not millions of open doors, lined with a red hue, with people sitting in front of them.

And without him even noticing it, a small grin appeared on his face. Because he wasn’t alone.


Just another door is a piece that was inspired by a line from Tupac Amaru Shakur aka Makaveli. What is heaven is just another door. Would that ruin everything you thought heaven to be. Or could it be that life is all there is, or maybe heaven is a place where you just forget everything you ever were. Or maybe its just another door, leading you somewhere we cant define. Just another door is meant to give you an example of someone standing in front of this door. I didnt want to go on too long with this piece, even though I clearly could have. But I did want to make sure the story itself was told correctly. And the image I found goes along with it swimmingly. And in case you want to READ MORE you can do so here. And if you liked this piece, Just another door dont forget to drop a comment or share it with your people. Because maybe, it will be you to find out if heaven is Just another door. And you dont want THIS to be one of YOUR key moments do you? And what do you think … IS heaven Just another door??? Or is it more than Just another door???