The Vino Venitas Blog 6th Edition P.2

The Vino Venitas Blog 6th Edition P.2

Ok now I know some people are pretty curious about this one, I mean come on what could this mean. But its pretty simple, let me tell you the story, cause I thought it was kind of cute. So I was in Osaka right, and I decided to travel to another city to see the sights. In case I never told you guys this, but most of the travelling I do is by public transport. Japan loves its public transport so they have like multiple trains going to the same location. But ok, so I get into the train to get to where I want to go, and I sit down and sit there listening to my music. And believe it or not, this women comes sit right next to me.

She wasn’t scared nothing, as if I wasn’t a big black guy with dreads … cool right. So yeah we are sitting next to each other pretty close cause more and more people were showing up to sit down as well. If anyone who reads this has ever been to Japan, you will know what Im talking about to be true. In the subway’s of Japan people tend to get REALLY sleepy or arrive REALLY sleepy either way these people are sleepy. So the girl next to me, got sleepy as well and so she fell asleep.

Did you ever notice that when someone is asleep their head tends to lean the right. Sometimes the head leans to the left but that only happens to psychopaths. So she fell asleep and her head started leaning to the right, and GUESS who was sitting right next to her on her right side. Yup yours truly, now I swear to you, she kept getting closer with each second that passed. And just before she reached my shoulder she woke up, and straightened back up.

This process repeated itself a few times until eventually she caved in and reached my shoulder. Now Im sitting there listening to some music and this cute little Japanese girl is sleeping on my shoulder as if she knows me. And I BS you NOT, she was a sleep on my shoulder for a full 35 minutes. Now I kept my game face on, cause there were people there, but inside I was laughing my ass off. So after a while we got closer to her station, and she woke up. FIRST thing this girl did was open her eyes all surprised like, and then look at me all shocked as if I startled her. And then started the apologies, she gave me like 3 of them, but I told her its ok.

I mean how many times does this happen to a big black guy? Then her stop came up and she got up bowed to me and left. No hug, no names no kiss on the cheek not even a fee for being used as a pillow. I am not going to lie to you I felt used, I mean at LEAST tell me who you are right … sleeping with me and not giving me your name … next thing you know people are gonna think Im a sl……… But yeah, that was my story of sleeping with a stranger, felt like I needed to share that with you guys. Come next week, I will tell you guys about this work itch I got. But for now this is it for this chapter.

Vino Venitas