Jack Sparrow History: The Untold Adventures

Jack Sparrow History: The Untold Adventures

The crew and Jack hop off the boat and stare at the passage in front of them.

Jack Sparrow Disney

They can hear birds sing songs they ever heard. The jungle seems to stare back at them, as the wind howls through the leaves. The crackle of branches being broken, by unseen beasts is a clear sign that they have entered somewhere they shouldnt have. But all this doesnt seem to fade the young Jack Sparrow, who seems enticed by the possibility of both adventure and the possible treasure that lay in wait. The crew grows ever more nervous, as they go step by step in a river dark and muddled.

“Captain Sparrow, are you sure this is the right place?”

Jack looks back with a slight grin and sways back and forth as he answers “Yes, I am sure. Just follow me you lazy dogs.” Turning around to continue on as he walks, he grabs his trusted compass and it points forward, and so he does. After a long walk through the dark river, the singing of the birds seems to have stopped. Now the silence is only broken by the wind that sings it own melody. The men eventually come across a temple, and stop to take in their surroundings.

Jack Sparrow and the Fern Flower

Jack smiles as he looks back at the crew, to both calm their nerves and celebrate the fact that they arrived at a crucial land mark. “Look here men, just a few more steps and we will have the Fern Flower.” The crew still afraid and obviously shaken by their surroundings doesnt pay their captain too much mind. But one steps out, shaking and with a trembling voice asks “Captain, are those friends of yours?” Jack quickly turns around and sees several creatures standing in front of him.

Pirates of the Caribbean the fern flower

Jack stands frozen in place, with his eyes wide open. He had heard of tales, of guardians that protect the treasure, and that they would fend off all those who would try to steal it. But he had also heard that those who do not attack, and simply pay homage will be able to pass. Jack understanding that he is in a pinch, raises both his hands and bows down to his knees. “Oh, great Guardians, we ask your forgiveness and ask that you let us pass.” The guardian in the middle slowly steps forward, the crew startled by its sudden movement ready their arms. The guardians react in kind, as they get ready to charge at the men, with eyes glowing red. Jack screams at them to drop their weapons, immediately. The crew listens as they lower their weapons, and the guardians return to their calm demeanor. The middle guardian is now in front of Jack, and stares at him intently.

“What do you seek human?”

Jack surprised at first, knows that he is being tested and should choose his words carefully.

“Well, I am looking for the Fern Flower”

The guardian once again stares at Jack in silence, and after a few moments pass it once again speaks.

“What do you offer?”

“Ah yes, I have here the greatest thing ever invented by man.”

Jack reaches for his bag, and takes out a bottle of rum, and holds it up to the guardian with a slight grin on his face. The guardian looks at the bottle, and places it in its mouth, and turns around.

“Accepted, you may pass.”

Jack raises to his feet, turns around to face his crew. “Wait here, and dont do anything stupid.”

The crew looks at one another, thinking that they arent capable of doing anything stupid. Jack slowly makes his way towards the entrance of the temple, and walks past the guardians who gaze at him as he passes them by.

Jack Sparrow Disney

He enters the temple and walks down the broken down corridor in search of the Fern Flower. The crew still waiting for their captain, now sit and converse among themselves.

“Listen, after he found that darn compass he has been taking us around these wild goose chases and every time we have to fight some kind of monsters.”

“Yeah, but he is the captain, and we have to follow his orders.”

“True, but why does he always get to go alone, when it comes to claiming the treasure. Maybe he is taking the best parts of the treasure for himself, and giving us scraps.”

This comments doesnt sit easy with the money hungry pirates, as they cant deny or confirm the accusations. Jack has always been known to bring them along for the ride, but at the last moment take the final steps himself, and emerge with the treasure in hand.

“You know what, I will go in and see for myself, if what you are saying is true.”

The rest of the crew, simply look at the man walk towards the guardians without saying a word thus agreeing with his actions. He then kneels where Jack did, and assumes the same position as Jack. The middle guardian walks up to him, and stops right in front of him

“What do you seek human?”

“Our captain”

“What do you offer?”

“I offer the greatest thing ever invented by man”

He goes into his bag and takes out a broken pocket watch, and holds it up with both hands as if to give an offering. Its right then that Jack finds his way into the center of the temple. The center no longer looks like a temple, but instead that of an image taken straight from a fairy tale. But beautiful scenery never interested Jack, as he ignores it all to make his way to the treasure.

Jack Sparrow Back Story

As Jack walks to the middle, he sees two flowers resting on a rock, with beneath them inscribed “The lower will grant you good fortune, the top will grant you immortality, choose one.”  Jack slowly but certainly stretches his hand for the top one, he is startled by a huge sound and sudden trembling of the ground, and mistakenly plucks the bottom one. As soon as the flower is plucked, the top one wilts away and dissipates into thin air. His eyes open up fully as he realizes his mistake, and lets loose a scream of pain as he now has luck never seen before. Jack looks into the direction of the entrance where his crew was supposed to wait for him and not do anything stupid.  He immediately understands that they did something to anger the guardians. And having found the treasure, even if wrong, he starts making his way back to his crew.

The crew is now in the middle of running away from the angered guardians, who did not take lightly to being offered a broken trinket. The crew runs through the forest in a rush, as the guardians seem intent on getting them out of the forest instead of hurting them or killing them. The crew is also completely focused on escaping rather than fighting or injuring the god like guardians. As Jack reaches the outside of the temple he notices that there is but one guardian now, standing in front of him.

Jack Sparrow Forest Guardian

“Still mortal … you have made a wise decision. Few can withstand the trial of immortality. Go now and never return! Or at least not with the same crew.”

Jack who is not a stranger to weird and magical things appearing in front of him, simple nods his head and makes his way to his ship. The previous guardians stand at the beginning of the beach, keeping watch  as they make sure the crew doesnt set foot on the land again. The crew recognizes Jack as he walks back to the ship. They scream in exhalation as they expect their captain to return with the treasure they came here for. But as Jack Sparrow boards his ship, the men see nothing in his hands.

“Captain, where is the treasure?”

“There was none.”

The crew looks at each other baffled and confused as they dont quite know how to react to this news.

“Captain, did you really find nothing?”

Jack walks up to this crew member, places his hand on his shoulder and smiles as he says.

“Well, as luck would have it, there was nothing there.”

The crew member looks at his captain, and notices that there is a new blue gem in the captains hair, that wasnt there before.

Jack Sparrow Disney Character

Jack turns around and walks up to the steering wheel of the ship, and screams out.

“Men ready yourself, for we set out for the horizon once more. I hear tales of a treasure that will make us all gods.”


Jack Sparrow History: The Untold Adventures the Fern Flower


This is the first of three. Jack Sparrow History: The Untold Adventures the Fern Flower, is the first and they will further build the story of a man that is already pretty epic. For more stories similar to this, dont forget to buy the book.