Is it really that unreasonable?

Is it really that unreasonable?

Ok, I’ve reached an age where I have tried my hand at love and burned it quite a few times. This thus gives birth to the question: Is it really that unreasonable? Because I have heard that some people out there, just WANT someone to love. They just want someone to hold, someone they can spend their lives with. But it just seems that love is a feeling or sentiment that likes to play coy. A lot of people tend to have this need or craving for love but get denied the chance to experience it. And even in all of my introverted being, I still want to love and be loved. So of course I tried and of course I got disappointed. But then you do as you’re often told, you get up, brush yourself off and try again.

So then I tried again, and again … love kicked me in the nuts. But because your heart feels this need, you feel you can try again, because you only need to get this right one time. And then you finally find someone who you feel is perfect for you. And you start planning that whole future they kept telling you is so wonderful. Because the promise of being loved and being able to love someone with your whole heart is worth more than words can describe.

“Perhaps love is just a cruel game.”

But of course, love doesn’t care about any of that, and love just loves to bring the pain. So you fall on your face again. And this time your body is too bruised to get back up immediately. Your legs are too damaged to stand up right away. Your heart isnt beating strong enough to push enough blood through your veins to keep you motivated to keep going. So you just sit there. Looking at the steps you took, and looking at where you went wrong. And looking at what could have been. Most of us fail to see where it went wrong. And its at that point where you ask: Is it really that unreasonable? Is wanting to be loved really that unreasonable? Was loving someone really that unreasonable? Does building a future with someone really sound that unreasonable?

I wish there was like a website or a person or an app that you could go to, to find the answer. Because all of these promises they told me … none of them came true. So I’m starting to think that maybe love isnt all its cracked up to be.

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