Imagine what if

Imagine what if

So from time to time, I get the chance to work with these amazing poets and create some stunning stuff. This is another amazing piece I did with a great writer. The concept we wanted to work on was “hypotheticals”. The beautiful part of this piece is the fact that writing it was really easy because all we had to do was pool our inspiration from reality.

For my part, I tried to think of the best possible situation for not just me, but for the world in general. I wasn’t able to include everything I wanted, because there are still some aspects of society I left out. But I am more than content with what I wrote and said here.

The issue with being a part of this society is that you get to see all the cracks in it if you look closely enough. The big problem is that most people don’t want to look at the cracks, they just want to look at the greatness of the reality they created for themselves. For writers like me its fun to dream about a world where a lot of humanity’s mistakes were never made and you can just Imagine what if.

Creating a world where the consequences of others actions weren’t so impactful on the world as a whole. That is what this piece was meant to convey. Writing about the injustice in the world, the racism, the hatred, the pain, the agony, the depression … it can get a little heavy at times. So that’s why it’s nice to step away from it all and write about a place where all of that didn’t happen.

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