I write

I write

This was another one of those collaboration pieces I’ve grown to love. Working with someone who loves poetry as much as I do is always a blessing. And this time I had the pleasure to work with Dane Cobain who added all the right things to this concept. We decided to break our collaboration up into 2 pieces. One will be I write and the other will be I read. The perfect combination if you ask me, and we did an awesome job of bringing them to life.

I write because I need something to silence the voices in my head.

We used this very simple concept to create something magical. I have always used words to help me vent my pain. Help me channel my emotions and help me lessen the anger that courses through my veins. For me writing is therapeutic and it helps me to understand myself as well as how I view the world. I write because I need to because if I didn’t I would go crazy.

I have been writing ever since I found that my pen could be used for more than just homework. I have been happy that I found the pen when I did. Reading was never that heavy with me, but I’ve learned to love it as well. So now I write to show others that they are not alone. I write to make sure that everyone can know that there is someone they can relate to and someone that relates to them. I’ve heard that I have a unique way of thinking so many times, that I am just happy to find others who feel the same way or think the same way.

In case you’re still unclear on why it is that I write, makes sure to watch this video.

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