I remember

I remember

Writer’s block is a disease that haunts writers in the dark corners of their mind. Writer’s block is that one thing that makes writers put down their title and become “regular” people. This spoken word collab piece is all about that concept. What would happen when I am no longer able to write. When my mind is blank and refuses to create new sentences or bring forth new stories.

I remember is all about what it would feel like when you can do nothing more but remember those special days when you could write the day away. Luckily I have never experienced the pain of being unable to create new pieces. I am able to dip into that dark little place in my soul where there is an infinite source of new possible lines and emotions.

I remember when I was able to write.

This was another amazing piece where we wanted to create a back and forth on what it would feel like to remember better times. What it would feel like to say “I remember back in the day …” Looking back at what inspired you might be able to reignite that passion and push you back into the realm of creativity.

Writing has always been my go-to place whenever I feel life is trying to beat me down. And I am sure that it will stay that way until the day that I die. Writing is my therapy, my stress relief and my way to understand myself.

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