I love you

I love you

Those are three very simple words but when you combine them they hold a lot of weight. The beautiful thing is that the weight that is added can be decided by either party. One side can mean it as a friendly, I like being with you, while the other can take it as you want to be with me forever. Saying I love you is tricky and as long as its open for interpretation it will remain that way.

I love you is a beautiful thing to say.

So what I wanted to do with this poem was to show people what it would be like if a spoken word artist took the time to write a piece about what he felt. This was a very easy piece to write and performing it was even easier.

What I excluded from the piece was the fact that a lot of people tend to want a love that is based on a fantasy. Even I’m guilty of wanting that love they mention in songs. That amazing love that has a whole story behind it, filled with tragedy and beautiful twists. But finally leads to this place where forever is an actual thing. That love where every day feels special.

This was a short but sweet poem and I hope you liked it, let me know what you like about it. I would also love to hear what your love is like and how deep it touched you. And don’t forget that I have a poetry and art book out as well called Pulse. And don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel to stay up to date on everything.

Thank you for coming and make sure you come back next week for some more amazing poetry.

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