I believe you die twice

 I believe you die twice

Some say that the beauty of life is that it has an end. I tend to agree with that sentiment. I believe you die twice and because of that people strive to not be forgotten. Now, of course, you have people who try to enjoy every moment of life itself and don’t worry about what happens afterward. The beauty in that is that those people can truly just BE in the moment. Others would rather capture the moment so that they can leave their mark on whatever platform they want. In the hopes that this platform will hold this moment for them till kingdom come.

I believe you die twice so I want to make sure that my first death is one where I’m happy. And I want my second death to be prolonged for as long as possible. Perhaps that’s the wish of every writer as they fill their pages with their thoughts and emotions. Some don’t want pages but instead prefer to make sure their second death is in the hands of their offspring or loved ones. And in case that fails, they have the internet as a solid backup.

Now in case, you’re still unclear as to what this second death is. It’s when the last person to know you, to remember you, passes away. I believe that at that time, you souls energy will be depleted and you soul too will find its rest.

I believe you die twice, so make sure you enjoy each death.

Of course, there is no proof for any of this, but I’ve often heard that you don’t need proof to believe in something. And when I look at the greats of history, I think that they too feared this second death. That’s why they worked so hard on making sure that they were recognized. That their names would be recorded in history as one of those people who made a change.

This piece was a little morbid, but it came to me while walking to the station. If I were to die right then and there, who would remember me? And when would the last person to remember me pass away and what exactly would that mean? Those thoughts lead to this spoken word poetry. If you liked it, I’m sure you will like my poetry book as well.