Lost in a world where danger sleeps with death

Where freedom can be lost or taken within a single breath

Bullets fly as if their wings are to never be clipped

And justice is treated like a thing to forget

Where religion has twisted perception

A danger unparalleled is resting

2 journalists ventured into the dark

And alas their journey hit its mark

Mistaken for agents, mistaken for danger

They became the point of misguided anger

Hostage to a situation embedded in fear

Where the world watches to hold their safety dear

Lives in exchange for money

Uphold logic, or submit to tyranny

Terrorism through fear, pressure and black mail

Afraid to see what they will do, should their mission fail

ISIS is nothing more than a small fraction of fools

Using guns, murder and fear as its main tools

We hope Kenji Goto will come back home and in one piece

We hope Haruna Yukawa will rest in peace

He didnt deserve to go in that manner, not in that way

Not to have him be displayed just to cause more dismay

The most disturbing thing, is the fact that those in power seem powerless

Where as the general public can do nothing more but sit and witness

ISIS acts as if all it does is react

But terror and death will only bring the same results back

The world will only reply with hatred to people unrelated to the situation

So understand that the actions of a few dont reflect that of a whole nation

Unclear as to how this will be end, but we should stop fearing terrorists

And do what the Japanese did, which is mock these so called terrorists

Never meet hate with hate, but its not always needed to meet hate with love

I AM KENJI is another ISIS video that shows us that terrorists are still out there. I AM KENJI is a new campaign that has been started to send out the world sympathies to this man whose live is in serious danger. Of course there are a few sources that say the video is fake, but regardless I AM KENJI is something you can stand behind. Because no one should be used as a tool to terrorize people, I AM KENJI is a good tool that shows us that people can come together to fight terrorism with positive vibes. And dont forget to SUPPORT THEM AS WELL.