How do I motivate myself?

How do I motivate myself?

Have you ever sat there thinking to yourself “why don’t I just do it?” But the fact that it’s going to take longer than 5 seconds to complete the task at hand really tires you out before you even start. The whole concept of procrastinating is something that sneaks into the lives of dreamers. Because dreamers tend to crave results that can only be achieved through hard work and consistent dedication.

But the issue with that is that constant effort requires a certain amount of diligence. But diligence is a real pain in the neck. Because the amount of sacrifice attached to giving up time and fun isn’t something everyone is capable of.

Don’t ask yourself How do I motivate myself? but ask yourself, how I take a small step?

So what I tend to do is create a step plan where I try to make my end goal into nothing more than an accumulation of small steps. If I am not even strong enough to take that small step, I indeed suck and should give up on said dream. But luckily I have been pretty consistent with convincing myself that I need to take a small step every day to make sure I reach my goal someday.

So what the big question here is, when you ask yourself “how do I motivate myself?” If I were to give you any advice, it would be what I just said. Make it a goal, not a dream. Make it small steps instead of a big leap. Make the steps small enough to take on a daily basis. Never try to exceed what you’ve set out unless you’re extremely motivated. And if you’re not up for it a day … then make sure you pick up your slack the following day.

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