Hope Vs. Hopeless

Hope Vs. Hopeless

Love, pain, time, passion, sadness … all of these have this secret red thread that combines them together. And that’s hope because hope is the one thing that humanity has created to ensure they keep going even in the darkest of times. The only issue is that hope is a beautiful thing, but if you lose it, its perceived as a very dangerous thing.

For me, hopelessness is the one thing you need in your mind to keep it clear and logical. Hope vs. hopeless is a fight for the ages. And the ages have shown us that people believe in hope to such a degree they linked it to their deities. Hopelessness is often linked to mythical tormentors. Hope, however, in my opinion, tends to delude people into thinking that the world is a beautiful place that will always work out.

Hope Vs. Hopeless is reality versus fantasy.

Hope vs. hopelessness is in a way a translation of believing in things will work out vs. being logical and or cynical. Protecting yourself from possibilities you don’t want, creating a mental state where outcomes you find undesirable are deemed bad, are all setups where you will get disappointed. And that’s why hope is a dangerous thing, but when you find yourself befriending hopelessness you will understand that the world will fail you. Life will throw changes at you that you don’t like and if you had hope, you will hate those changes.

Hope vs. hopeless was another amazing spoken word poetry collaboration that really pushed my pen to do some amazing work. I loved the concept and execution of this one. If you liked this poem I am sure you will enjoy the rest of my videos on my Youtube Channel so don’t forget to subscribe. And if you are so inclined I also have a poetry book you might like. I have a new one in the works. Thanks for coming and be back for more.