Happy Birthday to Trayvon Martin

Happy Birthday to Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin would have been 24 this Tuesday and in response to that some celebrities have decided to honour him on his birthday. Trayvon was only 17 years old when he was shot and killed by Georgy Zimmerman.

The NAACP sent out a tweet that honoured Trayvon saying “TODAY: We remember Trayvon Martin who would have been 24 years old. Just know that you are forever in our hearts. And we will keep fighting for justice.”

The rapper Common also tweeted about Trayvon “Wishing a Happy Birthday to our Brother Trayvon Martin who would’ve turned 24 today. RIP.”

Director Ava Duverney also wrote in memory of Trayvon. “When people ask me what white privilege is…. Imagine if this was a white boy in a hoodie with a bag of skittles who was just trying to walk home,”

Trayvon died in 2012, after the former neighbourhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman shot and killed him in Sanford Florida. Trayvon was unarmed and walking home from a convenience store while carrying a can of Arizona Watermelon Fruit juice Cocktail and a bag of skittles when the then 28 year old Zimmerman attacked him. Zimmerman having seen a black person, thought that he looked suspicious and that’s what he told the police. He chased after Martin after which Zimmerman fatally shot him. And eventhough Zimmerman chased him, he pleaded self defense. He was later acquitted of all charges against him. Which seems to be a trend in these cases.

Barack Obama also addressed the situation while speaking at the White House and said “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

The parents of Trayvon founded the Trayvon Martin Foundation and released a book called Rest in Power: the enduring life of Trayvon Martin. They also received an honorary bachelor’s degree on his behalf. The protests against Trayvons shooting and the acquittal of Zimmerman have continued for over 7 years.

These cases are far too common. We need a change.