I’m a fool for you

Fool for you

This piece is based on the song by Cee Lo Green – Fool for you. Love has been known to drive some people insane. It’s also rather infamous for rendering some folks blind. But most of the times, if it’s the real deal, it just makes you stupid. Well not necessarily stupid but instead it should be called oblivious to the truths that might be right in front of you. I’m talking about forgiving the unforgivable because you hope that your love is strong enough to heal the wounds.

Where you push through bitter reality in the hopes that, that old warm feeling you had in the beginning will come back. For the lucky few of you this is actually the case. They are the ones who can spend their time just being in love and don’t have it diminish over time. These lucky few are the ones whose love is strong enough to make it through the storms called hardships. These lucky few are the ones who can actually say to their significant other “I’m a fool for you”.

But to be able to say “I’m a fool for you” is something special.

It means that you admit that you are completely in love with your partner. It means that you just want to spend all your time with them. That you don’t care how it might come across, you just want to be with them. You want to be next to them, under them, beside them or in front of them. That is what this poem is based on. I was lucky enough to experience the chance to be in a state of in love where I could say “I’m a fool for you”. Of course my heart got broken, but that is why it’s a “FOOL” for you. But nevertheless I still crave for that chance to say it again. That one moment where I can just let go of all that pride I built up and just tell my significant other I’m a fool for you.

This is the latest in a long line of poems inspired by songs. If you like it make sure to buy my book. This one is meant to make you feel happy.