Failure is a key part of life. It is also a very scary thing for most of the people that reside on this planet. It stops most people from trying anything at all. It also prevents so many dreams from achieving reality. The scars that are placed on a soul after experiencing failure are ones that stay for an eternity. Those same scars are then transferred to whoever is closest. Or at least some people try to transfer them. This spoken word poem is about those people. The ones who try to protect those dear to them from experiencing the same kind of failure they went through.

Failure is a part of life.

The issue with this is that even though this comes from a good place, and its rooted in some kind of logic, it still hurts those on the receiving end of it. Because being told that your dreams, your wishes, your desires are nothing more than something you will never succeed at is hard. Its soul breaking for some. That is why if you have the option to if you have the chance to run away from those people. Find your own path by escaping to the reality you want to build. Create your dreams by making them goals and work towards them with unrelenting passion.

Because life will end one day, and the only things you can take with you are your memories. The pain of forgiving yourself for not doing what you truly wanted is harder to do than most think. And most usually only do it on their deathbed, because people LOVE to think they have all the time in the world. Failure is a crucial part of success. No one ever achieved anything without falling flat on their face first. So fail as much as you can. Just don’t give up because of it.

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