Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus

It was another day at the lab, routine was the order of the day

The first cup of coffee, the video on which I pressed play

This slight distraction was enough to start the effect

She called my name, the computer was left unchecked

That darn intern, wanted to view the video as well

One wrong click, one damn error, unleashed hell

We werent ready to unleash it, it just wasnt ready

The strains to be used, were still left on empty

It wasnt entirely my fault, in the end we were all to blame

But the world will never know our name

It broke through too early, it spread too fast

Domino effect is what you can call the attention it amassed

But it was still too soon, because the virus isnt as wide spread as it could

They have placed these restrictions as we knew they would

But these barriers were too soon, they might actually prevent doom

All our effort, all our work, all the coding and restructuring

Not to mention the finances, all will now have been for nothing

This Ebola Virus was meant to bring back humanity

Population control, with adequate safety

Aids failed us and went out of control, it consumed the whole globe

But this one, was meant to take the right road

But now that it has prematurely found its way into the world, its too late

The problem is … the Ebola Virus its current state

It was meant to only take down one color, one species, one race

It was meant to destroy all of those in ONE place

But once again, our plans didnt go as stipulated

Once again, the entire world could be annihilated

And all that because of one click

Now we have to either release the cure, or the slow down process to create profit

So we can earn back the losses and try once more

We will reduce those damn numbers, that is what we do this for


I wanted to create a piece for the Ebola Virus, and I also wanted to incorporate the statement that Chris Brown made. And so I came up with this piece. I could have gone the old route, and create a whole piece of the pain and anguish this virus could bring, and the pain that it brings to a body. But instead I went the safe and nice route, so I dont scare any of you away. But in my opinion, this was also a man made disease, and I am pretty sure it was directed at a certain population.

In case you like this story, be sure to have a look at my book. And keep in mind that the Ebola Virus, isnt as epic as the media would make it out to be.