Double Standard

Double Standard

There is this thing when it comes to artists that are very interesting. It’s the concept of people liking an artist only when they are complete strangers to them. People have this tendency to see the artists close to them as nothing but mere hobbyists. Which is ok in a way, but the issue is that people tend to treat their artist/friend as a secondary artist who doesn’t need support.

Because well, they aren’t famous. That is the only difference between the unknown and the known. Often times the friend/artist has some amazing content but because they aren’t famous they don’t get that share. They don’t get that like. Now mind you, this is also due to the algorithm of a lot of websites that host their content.

There is a Double Standard in Art

Those websites prefer to “push” already famous content. And those two factors combined to create the Double standard I am talking about. People will often only share what has already been shared, like what has already been liked. Not even considering the fact that their friend/artist needs those likes and shares as well.

I have been an artist for a long time now and I can tell you from my own personal experiences that artists like me get no “love”. I get a few likes, rarely a comment and I would have to instruct people to share. Which is all very interesting because everyone “loves” my art … or so they say. But writers like me have to get their support from strangers. And that’s where you come in … so thank you for the support.

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