Don’t wanna try

Don’t wanna try

A relationship will have its ups and downs and at times certain words will be said. It’s up to both parties to decide if they want to push on after certain words have been dropped. The problem with accepting that words said in the moment isn’t enough to break the relationship is that you set the tone with what you will accept. Because a relationship is all about trying to make it work. Making it work and trying can make one side of the party take you for granted. And think they can say whatever they want. That’s when the other party will most likely say “I don’t wanna try no more.”

I Don’t wanna try no more, it’s time to let go.

Love can only take you so far and then respect should come in. People think that when love loses its power in a relationship that respect was also taken out. People love to throw the most hateful and painful words they can find in an attempt to hurt the one they used to love. The history between the two can be used against them at the drop of a dime. People always think that after they say it, the other one won’t go “I don’t wanna try anymore.”

“Don’t wanna try” is about that moment when you know that its no use anymore to keep going. If they can hurt you like that out of a moment of anger, it means that the love is gone. Love should keep certain words and thoughts behind a fence to make sure they never see the light of day. This spoken word is for those who no longer have it in them to try to keep their love strong. A poem for the ones whose heart got broken by the ones who should protect it.

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