Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle


Drama, gore, sensationalism
Murder, terror and of course racism
Its easy to see what will spark hate
Its easy to see what will cease any debate
Firearms and explosions limited to a certain area
They become so much more potent via a simple camera
A few words of hatred, a few fingers pointed
And some will just drown in the fear that is flaunted
The problem is that fear attracts rage
And those who are unrelated will be placed on the same page
They will feel the wrath from acts they have no hand in
Fear and hate never once looked at understanding as a real thing
Instead its so much easier to hate all those the media told you to
Because not understanding can become a brick thrown at you
Spit directed at you, a society turning on you
Be careful of what you see, for it will place seeds of judgement in your heart
And before you know it, there will no longer humans but just lines that hold us apart
Religion, Color, Customs and the very clothes you wear on your back
The world is slowly turning into something that will simply accept its dividing crack
No one dares to break the cycle, and meet hate with love
Except for you … yes you

This hashtag #illridewithyou inspired Breaking the Cycle, and I just wanted to make sure that the feelings of those involved will be told through at least some of my words. #illridewithyou is more than just a hashtag its actually Breaking the Cycle of hatred that the media is forcing on people. #illridewithyou is Breaking the Cycle of injustice as the majority are blamed for the actions of some. Breaking the Cycle can only be done if you accept people by how they act and not by how they look. Breaking the Cycle will always be something you should strive to do.

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