Bow Wow arrested on a domestic violence charge

Bow Wow arrested on a domestic violence charge

The rapper Bow Wow and a woman were arrested in a dispute in Atlanta. Both of them had minor injuries but the injuries were visible. Which meant that both of them inflicted harm and because of that the police was unable to determine who was the aggressor and thus had to arrest both of them.

They were both charged with battery charges in Atlanta on Saturday according to the police. Bow Wow’s real name is Shad Moss and it seems that the woman’s name is Leslie Holden. According to a statement made by the police, both accused each other of assault. The statement they released said “Officers were unable to determine the primary aggressor of the altercation, so both parties were charged with battery.”

The two of them were booked at the Fulton County Jail. According to online jail records Bow Wow and Holden both had signature bonds set at 8000 dollars each and that Bow Wow was released on Saturday. Bow Wow’s lawyer said that Holden was “without a doubt the primary aggressor.” Saying that Holden was drunk and hit Moss “with a lamp, bit him on his side and spit on him while he continually made efforts to avoid her. For no logical reason officers arrested both parties despite having clear-cut evidence that Bow Wow was the victim in the case. Bow Wow feels very strongly that a man should never lay a hand on a woman, even in self-defense, hence his failure to defend himself here,”

Bow Wow is known for his musical talent with songs titled Like You featuring Ciara and Let me hold you featuring Omarion. He was also in the 2006 movie The fast and the furious Tokyo Drift. He has also appeared on TV shows including “CSI: Cyber” and “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

I wonder what set them off like that. Because it seems they were having a great time that just turned bad.