Bill Cosby – A legacy tainted

Bill Cosby – A legacy tainted

Eight wonderful years of giving smiles to the world
Eight vile years of destroying the life’s of those girls
He always tried to raise the morals of people
Forcing yourself on women is real honourable
He deviated from the norm, uplifted the community
Indeed he deviated as he abused them sexually
Showed us you could have respect for your wife
Then tried to hide the scars he placed on their life
He was a role model for all fathers on TV
Yeah, rape is the standard for respectability
Gave us different perspectives to use on society
Indeed, psychopaths have a different look on reality
His stand ups showed us cuss words aren’t a necessity
That’s cause he got them all out forcing himself on everybody
His private life showed us a marriage for over 50 years
It’s easy sailing when you are drifting on the raped their tears
They have kids, and love one another, nothing can come in between
He went in between a few things that could sever that dream
He was a role model, an icon regardless of what you now think
I wonder if that was what he was thinking when he spiked their drink
The price of fame is the possible defamation of your name
And that’s why he tried to buy away the blame?
The pudding and the innocent smile we can mimic
That’s nothing more than him reminiscing on how he did it
The loss of his son, sympathize feel his pain
Could have been one of his victims giving back the pain
His legacy is strong, it won’t fall to mere hear say
Even the darkest secrets will find the light of day
Had the bravery to address the violence of the city
Had the audacity to point fingers, while his hands were filthy
He is a legend, and his work is known by all
So the muffled screams of his victims don’t matter at all?
You should never judge a man by one single mistake
Victims not victim, and certain mistakes you shouldn’t make
Innocent till proven guilty, opinions don’t make fact
He is not defending his innocence, so how do you explain that?
The just don’t have to justify every statement that is made
The guilty hide behind the truth, that’s the game that is played
Regardless of what I say, Bill Cosby’s Legacy is tainted
Regardless of what I say, Bill Cosby’s Legacy is tainted
Regardless of the power of the media, the truth will always fight
Regardless of the power of the media, the truth will always fight

Unclear on what is real but answers will come one day
But never will we look at Bill Cosby the same way

With all the news surrounding this Bill Cosby, its only right that you give him a shot. And so you get to defend Bill Cosby and you get to attack Bill Cosby. Either side would have a point, but either side will most likely stick to their point. Because Bill Cosby is an icon in the entertainment world, its easy for him to become a mark for bad publicity. But I am sure, or at least I hope that at one point Bill Cosby will step up and explain his side of the story. Because whether you like Bill Cosby or not, you will have to admit that his show did put forth a bunch of good memories.

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