Better than me

Better than me

Love is what should keep you together and it is what should make you want to stay. But sometimes love isn’t strong enough and you have to step away from the situation. You have to take some time and find yourself again. Or sometimes it happens that you treat your partner wrong.  And you know that they deserve someone better than you. But to be able to say you deserve someone better than me takes a lot of courage and personal growth.

I’m glad you found someone Better than me.

And most people don’t want to take that kind of responsibility for their own actions because that would mean they have to accept they did the other party wrong. Which means that most of their actions were selfish and they purposely hurt someone. Most people will keep telling themselves that they didn’t do anything wrong. That they did the best they could. They might have slipped up a few times but all in all they did the right things to make the relationship work.

By saying “you deserve someone better than me” you are effectively saying that you were in a wrong place when you were together with them. But having someone better than me will make me happy because it might help you forgive me for what I’ve done. A way of thinking that is elusive to many people. Having someone leave hurts. Even if they left for all the right reasons, even if you completely understand that they had to leave. Most people just want the other party to stay and fight for the relationship instead of “giving up”.

The amount of selfish people in this world is insane. They will never admit that they did you wrong. Never tell you that they are sorry. And even if they did, they will fill their apology with so much sarcasm that taking it might poison your heart. So for all those people who cant say “I’m happy you found someone better than me.” This is me helping you out, and this is me showing you how it can be.

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