Army of dreamers

Army of dreamers

I am part of an army of dreamers

Our believes are the swords we swing

And our ability to question everything you ever told us is our shield

We bang them together as we chant our war cry

We want you to fear us, because we are here to tear it down

Every stereotype you cling to with hands of fear

Every bit of rage you can muster as we attack your definition of normal

We stand here, dreaming up tactics to redefine beauty

Staring at the sky with eyes that refused to grow up

Our imagination far exceeds our heartbeat

Our passion is what drives us to break down the limitations you want to put us in

That is why we stand here, ready for a war called denial

Our armour is pleas and cries of the voices you pretend not to hear

Our footsteps are forever embedded in the darkness of society

And all we try to do is refine the edge of the present

So that when they look at history they can find us in the lines

Because the very pages they look on were written by us

We are dreamers who want the freedom to dream

An army filled with more bravery than any war has ever seen

We can conjure up more casualties then the world will ever hold

We can crumble the walls of your world and rebuild them with paint

Our fists our bloody from pounding on the bricks they placed

The dirt under our nails can only be washed away by our tears

We are an army of dreamers that never sleep

We create, destroy, rebuild and redefine

We look at the stars as stories that have yet to be told

We look at the sky and question if it’s really blue

Our eyes never opened up, because they never closed

We are dreamers, an army of dreamers

Follow us or fight us

The choice is yours

This is Army of dreamers and its about the beauty of dreaming. Its about the beauty of chasing your dreams. And of course the best part of it all, being with like minded people. Because being a part of an Army of dreamers is worth more than most will ever know. Hear the beauty of someone placing it all on the line to work towards what they want. Hear the pain of someone failing as they try to achieve their dreams. Its a world where pain and beauty are forever intertwined. And so you have to work and keep working on making sure you reach your dreams.

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