Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Look to see, if you could be, an enemy of normality

With fists of dreams, a mind of schemes and a back bone of by any means

See if its you, find a clue, verify if it’s true then decide what to do

When youre lost and all hope is tossed and it all seems covered by frost

Can you stand strong, when it goes wrong, the fat lady prepares her song and disaster drags you along

When your inner core is no more and your very soul is sore and your life seems a closed door

Where will you look, after all it took, will you simply remain shook or also become a crook

The question will remain, can you stay sane when there is nothing to gain but pain and a sky filled with rain

Most fail, most bail, most are just too frail, too easily they turn pale comfortable in a life so stale

Can you go against it, can you forget, can you take the hit when the world wants you to quit

Your feet arent fast enough, your skin has yet to become tough, your mind has yet to turn rough, your determination filled with fluff

Are you ready for a world forever heavy, a river forever unsteady with edges forever deadly

A crushed ambition is a cause for friction, the frame of an addiction

Can you grab a cloud and scream out loud see your own reflection and still be proud

Fetch the stars and bring them back, no wind in your back and constantly reminded of what you lack

When life seems subpar and every wound an eternal scar and happiness seems too far, as you sit and stare are a raised bar

Tap the window for a moon that won’t glow, the motions of darkness flow as it asks you to go but can you say no
The cries of tears that found strength in fears and confidence with its peers, whispers lies, as it leers
And that is who you keep inside, that is who died and when you asked that’s who replied, leaving your soul mortified
So once more, are you ready for what’s to come, when it’s said and done, can you look back and say at least I didn’t run


This time around I am giving you guys “Are you ready?”. The message with this one, is that I want you to be who you can be. I want you to be what you dream of being, instead of what they told you to become. I know its weird, and that it might be a bit hard to grasp, but the beauty of life is that it keeps changing. It keeps rearranging things to make sure you stay awake. So Are you ready? to deal with what life has given you. Are you ready? to find the beauty of change and how to deal with it. Are you ready? to distort everything you ever knew and love life again. Are you ready?

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