Apparently I am going to Hell!

Apparently I am going to Hell!

Ok so before we get started with why I named this blog that way, I want to say this. I have booked my flight back home. So its official, that I will be back in Holland. Now in case you want to meet up with me, or hang out with me, or just simple talk to me, here is what you do.
Send your number to my email:

Now when you do that, I promise you I will call you or text you, to let you know that I’m back in the country. I will do so within a week after my arrival, because I will have to take my time to unwind and such. PLUS this is the best way I know to get everyones number and see who still reads these blogs. So yeah, send me your number and Ill holla at you when I get back home.
On a side note, don’t ask me WHEN I will be back, because I wont answer. Just be happy with the fact that I am coming back. And for my creative people, get ready for some work, because I have some stuff in my head that I want to make reality. And we all know that when I want something I get it done.

That is what I wanted to say, now lets get into the story.

Ok so, I was in the club right, minding my own business as usual, sipping my little drink as usual, all by myself as usual. So while I was watching the people do what they do, this dude comes stand in front of me, and looks at me. You have to understand that this phenomenon isn’t anything new for me, because I am more than used to people I don’t know coming to talk to me. So I just gave him my “what do you have to say look.” Now he looks at me and says the following words “Im getting a message from God, its something he wants to tell you.” Now at this point my look went from “what do you have to say” to “what did you just say?” And as I am looking at him, he starts shaking, and out of nowhere he places his hand on my chest. Now I have this thing where when someone touches me in a weird way, I look at where they are touching and then look back at them. I did that, and for that one second I looked away, to look at his hand, this guy had decided to stare at the ceiling as if God was talking to him.

At this point I was KIND of intrigued by what he would eventually say, so I waited for God and him to finish their conversation. So after a few seconds, he comes back to earth and looks at me and tell me this “God told me to tell you, that he loves you and that you should forgive those that did you wrong. You should fill your heart with love and accept him into your life. You should love those next to you!” NOW my look went to “get the fuck outta here!” And I just kind of smirked, and didn’t really know what to say. So now he tries to place his hand behind my neck, to talk to me directly, into my ear and such. And Im not fond of people touching me, and DAMN sure not fond of another dude whispering stuff to me. So I push his hand away like homey don’t do that. He must have not understood the message, and tried it again. And so I did it again, now he gets it and he gets upset. He asks me “are you rejecting me?” Now Im taking a step back, because this JUST got disturbing. He continues with a “If you are rejecting me, you are rejecting GOD!” Now Im taking the safe route, so I reply with a “Its ok, don’t worry about it”. And he comes with the line, that stuck with me all night “You should worry about, because you are going to Hell!”

Now Im smiling damn near laughing, because I just couldn’t believe he just said that. Which kind of forced me to say something I never expected to say out loud in real life “Nah Im OK I like Hell, its OK, don’t worry about it.” Now he comes back with another zinger that made me laugh “If you don’t hold me, you are going to HELL!” Now my inner wittiness comes out and I just couldn’t resists, “Nah its ok, I like Hell man, I heard they have some good parties down there. Plus Im coo with the devil I sold him something back in the day. So its ok, Im gonna go to Hell, and have a good time, you do what you gotta do.” Now Im walking away from him, because he had a crazy look in his eyes, that made me real uncomfortable. So I took more than a few steps away from the guy and he didn’t follow me. So Im standing a few feet away from him, and Im trying not to look at him. But Im one curious fellow, so I had to glance at him to see if he was still looking.

And yes he was, he still had that crazy look in his eyes, and was staring right at me. So I look away again, but I just couldn’t resist, and looked back after like 10 seconds. And he was GONE, I was so happy he left, because that situation could have gone wrong. But that wasn’t the ending yet. Now Im standing there, seconds after that dude left and out of nowhere this guy walks up to me and goes “WOW, RIGHT!” I immediately understood that this guy was my predecessor, and I responded with a “I KNOW RIGHT” He gave me a “DAMN MAN, SHIT!” and I gave him a “YOU AINT NEVA LIE”. We nodded and then he walked off as well, ending a weird situation in a good way.

That’s the end of that story, I just liked it, because he sent me to hell. Which not a lot of people have done right to my face.