A good conversation

A good conversation

So I live in a world where I tend to be alone a lot. It’s the same as yours but the difference is I try to be alone. Because I have realized that there aren’t a lot of people in this world with whom you can have a good conversation. When I come across a good conversation I am more than ecstatic because I get the chance to learn something new.

A chance to hear stories I’ve never heard before. Step into a completely different world of experience that will be laid out in front of me and explained. Having a good conversation is like finding a piece of gold that you can learn from and use in your everyday life.

A good conversation is hard to find

The issue I have is that I tend to have these great conversations that lead to a very interesting place. A place where romantic feelings overflow into a stream of possibilities I didn’t anticipate. I just love learning about people and finding out what makes them tick. The thing is, it seems that when people show you what makes them tick, it makes them a bit sentimental. Because being open and honest with someone takes a lot of courage, and when you are open and honest and that person doesn’t run away it means a lot.

Having someone in your corner who listens to you and values your opinion rather than your body means a lot. Or at least that’s what it feels like. But for me, I love talking to people and finding out stuff I never knew. And then letting the conversation die out after a few months pass by.

Have a look at this spoken word poem I did to see exactly what I mean.

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