I’m sane among the mentally deprived,

All my life I have strived to gain fame.

A status uplifted name, a star by all rights.

For that purpose I hid my pain,

The agony unknown to all, which I carry alone.

Before I engage in my tale, welcome to my home,

But as I speak pay attention and watch closely,

I will mention why my posture and this dimension are unholy.

They skitter on the surfaces on which I walk,

They glare manically at me when I talk.

Small creatures spawned straight from hell,

They attacked me on stage, from fame I fell.

Critics deemed it a panic attack of unknown proportions,

As they crawled up my back I had to make contortions.

I figured out how they reached my spine,

“PANTS” a solid climbing wall to reach my mind.

As my brain is what they are after or so I assume,

If only you could understand my gloom.

See what I see, hear what I hear,

Feel what I feel, fear what I fear.

But eyes closed to the pain of others,

Only shudders at the possibility of critters.

If you would look closely to see and not to mock,

You would see them gather, which looks like a white spot.

A close friend told me “to destroy them absorb them”,

Not knowing, I took the path of lesser men.

Adding addiction to my torment,

As I was sniffing their souls as if this skill was heaven sent.

And truth be told their faces didn’t unfold before me,

Stayed dormant in places which I now consider unholy.

My stardom kept me rolling on the road of success,

But now it’s unfolding, it seems I owed more, than simple stress.

A single platoon gathered to rush me as soon as I missed a sniff,

As my vanity shattered and my flexible mind became stiff.

I was forced to go home which I left alone to collect dust,

A single chair a bed and a TV as those are a must.

But as soon as I entered through the door,

I was frightened to my core.

There they stood proud and vengeful,

Pushing me up this chair, fear pounding in my skull.

Which I could only express in screams,

Which didn’t go unrewarded so it seems.

I thank you for forcing your way in,

I’m unable to move, even on god’s whim.

So would you do me a favor please,

Crush all these devils under me.

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