I will let my eyelids meet to let my mind speak,

Image so vividly weak yet my blood fills with heat.

Every time it flashes every other thought it thrashes,

With sanity it clashes but I can’t deny this.

Feeling of superiority over humanity,

Every time my memory visits this entity.

Of evil which is a necessity to any fatality,

Its burden so heavy yet filled with a beauty.

Only I can see every plea is made easy,

If only you believe in this deity.

It’s my religion my definition of life’s mission,

Not a rendition of a faith placed in intermission.

Waiting for a prophet that will never show,

But deaths mere name makes every vein in my eye socket glow.

I will replace his current state as the C.E.O. of your faith,

Hope fuelled by hate with a passion strong enough to devastate.

Any and every negativity on my dream,

Will meet the definition of what death means.

That is why I did what I did and those events took place,

The aftermath is bullshit but now I can look death proud in the face.

So shrink don’t ask me nothing else, I gave you my story that alone is wealth.

If used proper and if not you are just like the rest,

Now leave me be and let me have my rest

“Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Another terrorist attack did succeed,

There were no warnings to heed.

On a hot summer day an Arabic man,

Set forth to fulfill the most gruesome plan.

Entered a swimming pool with two machine guns,

Fired one shot and when panic hits the mass runs.

But only one way out …that was past him,

That alone decreased their chances of survival to slim.

Every shot released was aimed at head height,

Kid’s, adult’s, death came to everyone in his sight.

25 dead then when his bullets ran on empty,

He took out a knife screaming come get me.

Cut 5 people whose condition is now critical,

It is yet unverified but its believed his actions were biblical.

A mission from Allah … like all Muslims are believed to do,

He took the holy war upon himself but again we don’t know if its true.

But we believehe has ties to the jihad and had contact with Osama,

Too bad that this religion thrives on creating this kind of drama.

We should ban all beards and towels covering heads,

We should ban the Koran to avoid leaving more people dead.

One religion means one opinion so they are all the same,

Check them 5 times before letting them enter a plane.

We will not let another mistake like this come to pass,

We will destroy terrorism with toxic gas.

We will kill this man before he has the chance to inspire more,

We will find and eradicate Osama thus decimating their core.

I your president promise you this

* He retreats from the mic and whispers from his lips*

Man I totally run this bitch

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