Your final thoughts

They always did say ass would be the death of me,

I always thought a disease I caught from sick pussy.

Would mean my demise so even my own thoughts were lies,

I always was a sucker for eyes but an idiot for thighs.

The face did not even have to match up she can be ugly,

Because originally that’s not what you try to fuck.

But that this bitch would do me like that,

Shot through the chest and head no turning back.

I’m going to a place where happy exists for eternity,

So for infinity I will be sleeping in and on booty.

How did it go

I went to go to this strip club where this one girl dances,

She looks just like “her” only she doesn’t wear glasses.

But the resemblance is uncanny even scary,

The same lips thesame moves even the same booty.

They look so much alike that I’m drawn to this place,

I time my entry to her arrival so I can enjoy her face.

For the first moment she walks in until she leaves me,

For weeks now I have tried to get her to notice me.

10 dollar bills in her silk panties sometimes even a 20,

Takes time getting attention from one who’s adored by many.

But eventually she wore down and gave me a gentle kiss,

Now whenever I come around I try to make her my miss.

Flowers and candy for the lady who looks like the love of my life,

They could have been twins crazy but I want to make her my wife.

Again because in her I see what I saw in her,

The same divine feelings occur.

Whenever her presence has become known to me,

And slowly but surely she has gotten used to me.

So after 2 months of romancing and flirting,

She finally agreed to what we both knew meant fucking.

She came by to watch a movie and sum to drink,

But they looked just like twins why couldn’t I lay the link.


I used to drink a lot and I was a mean drunk,

I blame the liquor for her body in the trunk.

The bruises on her face and her body,

Slapped her all over the place I was crazy.

Finally one night I hit to hard she went to sleep,

She never woke up never did a pain cut so deep.

We were together for 3 years never did I meet her family,

I shed so many tears even when they incarcerated me.

I was released after serving 7 years of time,

With making amends the only thing on my mind.

I hears she wasn’t dead but only in a coma like state,

As I searched for her I noticed it was all too late.

Every try met with hardship on its road no help from no one,

I heard she might have a sister but never did she speak of one.

So those rumors were discarded as untrue,

But man I was wrong cause that shit was true.

Your last night

She came by looking beautiful as usual,

She said lie down and tied me up real casual.

I like this kinky stuff so I justshut up and worked along,

Cause whenever she bends over you could see her thong.

So that was mainly what I focused on,

Goddammit was I wrong.

I know what you’rethinking and yup you’re right,

This was her sister making sure this was my last night.

She tied me up so when she grabbed the gun I was stuck,

I couldn’t do shit so basically I was fucked.

She shot me two times and then left the motel,

That picture you’re seeing is the picture I took with me to hell.

I was wrong in the beginning as well my elevator went down,

I just said that shit in the beginning to calm myself down.

I guess sex made me dumb made me not have a clue,

But enough about me tell me what did you do.

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