She stood there with man-made wings

I sat, as Brian McKnight softly sings

“6, 8, 12” similar to my dry spell

So heavy a burden that my principles fell

5 star escorts, I gave them a ring

My hand was ok but I craved the real thing

Told them my wishes, they were willing and able

Could finally release what I kept under the table

A full blown fetish I have never indulged in

Beautiful heavenly angels are my thing

With wings on their backs and no words to be spoken

Angels lack speech, a rule to never be broken

I dimmed the lights to see only her silhouette

But in our fateful room, complete darkness was set

Scared to ruin the fantasy by seeing the flaws in her face

For until the image is shattered, perfection is at my place

Her frame delicate, her scent sweet and innocent

Truly an angel from heaven was sent

The ribbon I told her to hold, now functions as a blindfold

I asked for her name but was left without a reply

Asked her what she was doing here and if she could fly

But again no response, silence remained true

She took a step into my hotel room as I asked who are you?

I stood up took steps back to enter the darkness

She followed my every step, yes I loved this

Once the dark blanket covered us I placed my hand on her hips

My heart beating twice as fast, I’m about to kiss angel lips

As our lips met, my eyes were closed and they were set to never open

Everything was sublime this moment should have never been broken

She followed me down to the bed then she fell on top of me

Our tongues twisted in a fray of a hot angelic reality

I got back on top, her wings covered the bed

I stood up to look at a vision I have never had

A angel lay in my bed waiting for me

Suddenly overcome by a sense of familiarity

But the feeling was covered by the clothes on the floor

My eyes closed again for now I crave more

Crawl back on the bed our skins touch as we start our dance

No lights, no eyes are needed for this is heaven blessed romance

… Night turns into Day …

Our bodies drenched our hearts racing

The fantasy over reality we are now facing

My eyelids open her sound is that of sleep

My grin a broad smile for my gratification runs deep

The ceiling seems brighter than the day before

The world just doesn’t seem as cold anymore

And now it’s time to behold the bringer of this shine

The angel that allowed me to leave a fetish behind

But then a feeling strikes me that must be untrue


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