Her gaze leaves me in a daze I’m caught in a maze

A phase I travel to on my workdays
Her glance is a trance which demands romance
My stance is frozen, lost without a chance
Every time my mind resigns and words I’m unable to find
The entire world left behind, a situation so unkind
Monday through Friday she causes dismay
At 6 I view my gorgeous display
The bus stop our spot, and the code we got
Is her eyes on me and my body gets hot
The wind howls a melody at his own pace to suit her beauty
Blowing past her face, her hair dancing elegantly
I want to say hi, her presence makes me want to cry
Heart beating so fast I swear I could die
My mouth opens up but the words seem stuck
I’m waiting on luck, her to say what’s up
So we can engage in the first page of our book
I need a sage to explain how I’m so lost in a look
Waiting on a bus in my mind I’m starting to cuss
Because I have a car but it would ruin us
Maybe she wants a ride should I offer one
Never has this winter cold been so fun
And frustrating at the same time
Uplifting and motivating, while crushing me as I pine
But all the wealth in the world doesn’t amount to those eyes
One day will be the day when all that I despise
Will stop end and be done
We will talk a talk of love and have fun
But until that hour arrives I will drown in the lies
Told by those eyes that pierce through me like knives
I love you is that to abrupt a beginning
The bus is here again I go to a hood I don’t even live in
But I want to smell her for as long as I can
It would be so much easier if I had a plan
If she was lesbian or if I was a man
This is the end, tomorrow I’ll have to try again

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