Do YOU remember YOUR first time?

You were probably as nervous as me to see what your ability would be,

As it was sketched from your fantasy to become a reality,

Which should withstand time and meet infinity.

So you shake the can in your hand and plan where to begin this man.

Or hero or abstract zero or decadent Nero,

Me I simply push the button … let it flow,

Let creativity go and slowly throw.

My anger despair and fear into it,

Zone out and let my passion become my fluid.

So the pain running through each vein,

Simply changes its name but stays in its lane.

My dreams now fuel each plasma cell,

And schemes of a duel elevate me from hell.

Me versus the surface,

All my emotions against a emptiness worthless.

Precision against imagination,

Urge to excel against hesitation.

Each line a kiss on time a stamp of my mind,

Left behind for those who pass, to find

5 years pass

Home again after time away a display unlike any others that may,

Cross my way each day of which l will stay breathing and living and feeling OK.

This city holds a place in my heart and always will,

The beginning, the start of my ultimate thrill. Went to other location and saw a scene,

So obscene yet beautiful like a wet dream.

All like me caught by graffiti, their mark instills in them calm,

The ecstasy the beauty created by their own palm.

Was so similar to my own, tears would dwell inside me,

Now my craft has grown, hesitation lost its body.

Family the main reason of my comeback,

But nostalgia haunted me without any slack.

A piece unlike any other paralleled by none,

My awe of my own skills when my work was done.

The next corner will show me what I want to see,

My heart increases in pace as I smile uncontrollably.

Tears fill my eyes my joy silently dies,

Hope burns all ties my soul screeches and cries.

Tears roll down my cheek as my knees turn weak,

My mouth is open yet I’m unable to speak.

I start to shake this is all I can take,

My mind is about to break this sight must be fake.

My eyes go open I’m in state of shock,

I feel faint yet I stand still like a rock.

Gazing staring now hate makes me tremble,

I scream “no, no, no” as my rage becomes ample.

Feel it subside, fear which I thought died,

Resurrects to my side as all it did was hide.

Scared of the wrath which took me whole,

But fear takes me and fills my soul.

Allowing me to see such a painful display,

The rain, the rain … the rain washed it away.


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