Just a few more steps and all the noise will return
This tranquil feeling will disperse and peace will burn
I will be pulled and spread thin over issues and time
Forced to abandon dreams, leaving hope behind
I don’t want to
I sit and wait for the road back to crumble
I ask for help but their silence seems humble
To the point it’s scared to reply
So I sit, with tears in my eyes asking why
At the end of this road, it will all fade away
I always walk here, but never does my mind stray
But today I heard voices that slept in the night
I saw flashes of dreams that were shunned from the light
I don’t want to walk anymore
Let me stay here, where my mind doesn’t scream
Let me sit here and remain unseen
Let me not finish this walk, let me break this routine
Hold on to this rest, this peace of mind, this empty screen
Let the movie of my life be put on pause
Give me 10 minutes, where I can be without a cause
Where my past doesn’t exist and all I have done is nothing
Where my future is unwritten, and I can achieve anything
I don’t want to walk anymore, let me sit
My steps always follow past footprints
The trees always whisper vague hints
If I could skip this stroll down this path
If only I could escape this destined wrath
If only I could stay here, where sunshine kisses me
Where misery has left and every breath is lovely
I would be so happy, but the end is near
This forest’s limits have always been clear
My head is heavy so I lower it
The memories weigh it down, I hate it
Fear has his hand placed on the back of my skull
Experience has made the normal world seem dull
I am a lost soul struggling for a place to sleep
But this pit of dark that I live in is just too deep
I don’t want to walk anymore, let me sit here a bit longer
Before I go back to reality, and responsibility
Before I return to I have to, and there are no other options for me
Before I return to somebody telling me what I have to do
Before I go back to this feeling that nothing is true
Before I once again do nothing but climb hills
Before I notice that all my money is to pay bills
Before I realize that most of my ambitions are vain
Before my heart is once again encased by pain
Give me some more time, let me just be
Don’t force me to walk any further, stay with me
Have a seat and let’s talk about us and remain here
Where there are no problems no obstacles to clear
Please don’t let me walk on, please let me continue to dream
Don’t force me to wake up, let me sleep and remain in this dream
I don’t want to walk anymore, let me sit here a bit longer in my slumber
Just let me sleep


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