Another night I spend in fright,

In the absence of light I lack all might.

To fight my disease I drop to my knees,

To say my pleas and instead of please.

I simply ask forgive me, I cry day after day aimlessly wandering through my dismay,

Unable to hear the words that courage would say.

Addicted to the pay the rush the adrenaline,

A disease incurable by any medicine.

Slots, cards, craps, or roulette,

My veins scream joy with every bet.

My blood rushes my skin blushes I live for this,

Know all the tricks got all the skills only luck I miss.

Time after time my fate does unwind a destiny so unkind,

That I wish I could leave this condition behind.

But I step out myself to lose my wealth,

But now this starts to affect my health.

To keep my high going I used money not my own,

To keep the juices flowing I even bet my home.

I shouldn’t have done that.

I’ve lost it all there is no one to call,

How much further can I fall.

I’m scared to brawl but I have no choice I’m stuck,

Unable to pay up I’m fucked.

Said they would shoot a knee cap or break my back,

I have no time to slack find a way to pay them back.

Jack Daniels helps me relieve some stress,

I feel like the last pawn in a game of chess.

I know there is a way but the clock is ticking,

Looking at a full ashtray, my mind is slipping.

Said they would come today so my nerves are tripping,

I know this won’t end ok so I’m steadily sipping.

Would leave the city but have nowhere to go,

None will have pity my sanity dying slow.

As I try to stand up I feel my legs are weak,

Unwillingly my body and the wall meet.

As I lean I can hear voices on the other side,

Screams which ensure feedback is denied.

Sounds of punches and threats can be heard,

I want to help but my fear’s size is so absurd.

Why is this happening, what is going on,

Why are they threatening me what did I do wrong.

It must be him his actions caught up to me,

Trapped in the middle of his insanity.

As they hit my frame they keep asking one thing,

“Where is the money we know you are hiding”.

It can’t be that you’re dumb enough to lose it all,

But you keep saying nothing so let me make a call.

Boss I think he has nothing what should I do,

“Are you sure it’s him, if so his life is threw”.

Take him out another example we need to make,

Let all these dumb fucks know what’s at stake

To scared to give aid the situation he made,

Involved a trade his life will be paid.

For a debt he didn’t create,

But it’s not his soul that is at stake.

It’s that of the one on the left,

He is the one who committed theft.

He will live in shame as he lets his punishment be taken by another,

He will never come back from this moment as he lives next to his twin brother.

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