Spoken Notes Poetry Performance Videos

Spoken Notes Poetry Performance Videos

It was a great night at our Amsterdam Poetry Night, and thanks to that we got the Spoken Notes Poetry Performance Videos. Some of these are Dutch Poetry, but some of them are in the universal language of English Poetry. So Spoken Notes Poetry Performance Videos are something that arent really related to the experiment, but they are a part of what I do. So all of these will count as one video. But just showing you parts of our Amsterdam Poetry Night will never suffice. So these Spoken Notes Poetry Performance Videos are on our Spoken Notes Amsterdam Poetry channel, which is packed with a lot more Spoken Notes Poetry Performance Videos. We have been doing this Amsterdam poetry night for quite some time now, so it only makes sense that we have more than a few videos you can watch. Keep in mind that when you do watch these videos, you should subscribe to the channel, because there are so many more to come. We love poetry, and we love every poet or rather writer that graces our stage with their creativity and ingenuity. So if I so pleased I could pack this one post with more than a 100 vids of dope poetry. So if you are looking for Amsterdam Poetry, or if you are looking for Dutch Artists, or just want some really good Poetry Performance Videos this is the place to be. Or rather Spoken Notes is the place to be, but since Spoken Notes is something I am a part of I feel that I can just give you guys the Spoken Notes Poetry Performance Videos and be coo with it. So lets get it going with the Spoken Notes Poetry Performance Videos, or rather the videos of our Amsterdam Poetry Night.

Alien Kid

Poetry Pusher


Ivan Words

Leslie Ebony Perry

Tomas De Pauw

Now if you loved these Spoken Notes Poetry Performance Videos, which is kind of hard NOT TO, you might want to go and check out the SPOKEN NOTES WEBSITE. And dont forget to subscribe to the channel, and dont forget to smile and watch more videos, because poetry is the life line of society. You dont constantly look at it or feel it, but it makes sure you keep living.

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