21 stories. Each story has its own theme song. Each chapter has its own visual representation. Follow our hero’s past and tribulations as he makes his way to Cake Island. Demons, pillow fights, angry dolphins, and much more. A wild ride embedded with a wide range of imagination and fantasy. Having fun and growth is what this journey is all about.

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Snippet From the book

The Dolphin Wars
It was a weary fight. The sound of swords rang through the sky filling the clouds with sorrow as they released their sadness upon the world. The dolphins lost the battle of Seaweed Clams. It all started as a baby dolphin found its way into the realm of human dreams. It touched a sacred crystal that would forever doom any human dreamer to a world of nightmares. The humans lost in their agony eventually found their way to rage and looking for someone or something to blame, they heard a rumor. A simple rumor that by all logic at the time would have to be false. But in their anger, they never even considered other options.

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